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The Kitchen Garden Company is a small company dedicated to educating consumers about foods and ingredients through culinary classes, workshops, cooking services and Podcast. We offer In-Home Cooking Classes, Catering, Private Chef Services, and On-Farm Culinary Classes and Workshops.

We serve Mid-coast Maine, but we have been known to pack our bags and hit the road. Contact Us and let us know what your needs are.

The Kitchen Garden Company started when Chef Neal Foley, and wife Kathy began cooking for neighbors who needed a hand with entertaining. This rapidly grew to providing culinary services to a community which lacked any restaurants. Neal’s unique concept of “let the restaurant come to you” soon caught on and he developed a loyal following. Leaving his career as a builder, Neal’s passion for quality and enjoyable food led him to cooking professionally. It is hard to believe that since 2001 exciting opportunities continue to crop up making this a constantly changing and rewarding business.

After taking some training in Ireland in 2003, Neal took the Kitchen Garden Company in a new direction, adding his passion for farming and the farm-fresh produce the Foley’s had been raising and always taken for granted. This has led to some fantastic on-farm workshops, a deepening commitment to agriculture and support of local, seasonal foods.

From their new location at Claddagh Farms, the Foleys’ are hoping to provide and even better space for on-farm education and culinary adventures. We welcome people to come, see the farm, stay and learn some of the things we do day-to-day: milking, cheesemaking and other home-dairying, livestock care and farm-food processing.

It is our wish to serve you the best we possibly can.
Please explore the site and feel free to send us your thoughts, or questions.