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Welcome to the Claddagh Farms & Kitchen Garden Company Website!

Claddagh Farms is a diversified, small, organic farm in Mid-Coast Maine, close to Rockland, Rockport and Camden. We raise beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and duck, in addition to market crops. We also milk a few cows, just to keep things interesting. Feel free to ask us about what products we might have available!

The Claddagh is a ring rooted in 300 years of Irish tradition. Each part of the Claddagh ring is a symbol. The hands show friendship, the heart, love & trust, the crown over the heart–loyalty. At Claddagh Farm, we interpret the symbol to mean the trust, loyalty and friendship you should feel when you buy direct from a farm. You should trust the farmer & his goods. The farm should offer friendship & loyalty to those who seek out a direct consumer-farm relationship. Our use of the Claddagh symbol also shows the trust, loyalty & friendship we offer our livestock, and the ground we farm. As stewards of the land we own we must nurture and protect it for future generations. It is also the nurturing we offer all who come here to learn. And that’s not just Blarney!

The Kitchen Garden Company at Claddagh Farms is a small company dedicated to providing farm to table dining experiences, culinary education and on-farm course for cooks, chefs and anyone who is interested in learning more about where their food comes from and how it is produced. Along the way, you might even choose to learn how to raise something yourself. We also provide information, education and product sales for EM and Bokashi organic compost activator. We have been providing solutions and information since 2003.